(A Hold Your Hand Plan to Decluttering and Organizing)

After picture of Tulsa client Debbies kitchen after Organized Lane

HERE’S WHAT’S INCLUDED IN your elevated space service:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching sessions- We’ll meet once a week in your home for up to 4 hours. I will be with you the entire process while you declutter and organize your space. Each week we’ll focus on something specific so you won’t get overwhelmed. Remember this is a hold your hand plan, so I’ll be here with you!
  •  Step 1- send me photos of the space needing organized. We will discuss what you envision for the space, what’s working, what’s not. Make a plan.
  • Step 2- we will declutter together. You decide what stays and what goes.
  • Step 3- I take measurements of your space to decide what kind of storage is needed. Categorize items. Plan according to what’s left after donated items.
  • Step 4 -you get shopping assistance with storage solutions. Organize what can be done now. Label items.
  • Step 5- We organize items into storage items purchased. More labeling as needed.
  • Step 6- I will set up a maintenance plan of action so your space can stay organized