I will organize your space so you can live without frustration and overwhelm

Organize. Its a dirty word to many Tulsa residents. They would rather have a tooth pulled. 

Yet there it is. The cluttered counter. The overflowing closet you're afraid to open. 

Where do you start? How do you even begin to think about starting?

Sometimes, you need a little help from a professional organizer.

Organized Lane will assess your Tulsa space, explain our process, and custom tailor a solution so you can stay organized.

why work with us?

Organized Space = Happy Place

Home Offices

Even in this age of technology, paper clutter is still the number one issue for many. 

Organized Lane will put your files into a foolproof, clutter free system. 

Clean space, calm mind. 


You loved to cook. At least you used to. How did the counters get so full?

Why can't I find the ingredients?

Organized Lane will organize your kitchen. Then help you create "stations" for meal prep. 

Fall in love with your kitchen all over again. 


Embarrassed by your closets?

Organized Lane will turn your closets into a showcase you are proud to open and show your company. 

about us

How I found a new love for organization

Before becoming a professional organizer, I spent over ten years cleaning homes in Tulsa. This experience showed me how important it is to have an organized space

For example, the clients who had a place for everything tended to have a house that just 

naturally looked cleaner, even if it was dusty

But the clients who had too much stuff and no place to put it just always seemed to be struggling to keep their house clean, even if in reality it was ‘clean’.


Discover your organized space

Its your space. You know what you want. Only thing standing in your way is overwhelm. 

I work with you side by side. Show you how to break it down into easy to accomplish steps. Before you know it, we're done. The space is clear!

Next I will show you how to maintain your organized space from now on.

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Laine Olson

What is your biggest organizing challenge?