When training as a professional organizer, I learned much of the stress of moving day comes from all our stuff.

In a recent survey, more than half the families said they experienced stress and 48% felt anxiety about the move. These feelings even caused a number of families to put off the move altogether!

Consider my story:

Moving day 2005. Our family of 5 is leaving a house we’d been in for 10 years. 

I keep a clean house. But as I packed up and the hidden stuff started to come out, I realized something. I am an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of lady. 

Rather than dealing with all the stuff, I would store it in the attic or hide it in drawers. Never to be seen again was sitting there and could no longer be ignored. 

Moving is tough but this junk was piling on even more stress!

At first, I just packed it up willy-nilly. Deal with it later. Towards the end, it was just throw it all away. Something I should have done years ago. 

I had no plans of having any more babies, but I was saving baby stuff, just in case!

Funny thing is, I thought I’d been doing a good job getting rid of things down through the  years.

A couple of garage sales a year. But it clearly wasn’t enough. Here I was with boxes of stuff I didn’t want or need anymore. 

Did I really want to take all this with me to a new house? Why didn’t I get rid of this stuff sooner? 

Let me help you alleviate the stress of moving by helping you to declutter before your move. You’ll get help with packing up your old house.

When you hire a professionaI organizer, you make moving day a true brand new start. How?

You can even get help with unpacking your new house and organizing everything from day one! 

If there is a move in your near future, reach out and lets walk through the process together.


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