Yep! That’s what I said, KISS; meaning Keep It Super Simple!

We tend to make things over complicated when we are tackling a big job. Over complicating something can overwhelm us, causing us to give up midway through a project. Or never start!

So what’s the secret to getting your space organized?

Ask yourself, ’what’s the most simple way to tackle this project?’

If you have a large area to organize, tackle it in smaller sections.

For instance, do you want to organize your office? Tackle the desk area first. Clear off the top of the desk, then work on one drawer at a time. Shred papers you don’t need, then file the remaining papers. Once you’re finished with the desk area, move on to another corner of the room, and so on. When you divide up the room into quadrants, it’s so much easier to keep it super simple and leave overwhelm behind!

Another way to keep it super simple is to organize one room at a time. Have you ever been in someone’s house when the entire house has a remodeling project going on? It’s overwhelming!

Taking on the entire house at once is just setting yourself up for disappointment and overwhelm. Take on the room that’s most important to you first. Take before and after pictures for motivation to continue on to the rest of your home.

The next time you decide to get some organizing done, just remember to KISS!


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